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It’s a Doodle K9 Service

The Value of It’s A Doodle Labradoodles

What makes an It’s A Doodle Puppy worth every penny?

Love and attention to detail.

Our dogs are cherished members of our family – and the same goes for our puppies. All of the dogs live in the house with us. Here is a peek at what the day is like for our dogs.

For the adult dogs, we start our day off with a quick wake up cuddle then out to pee. Back inside for morning coffee and longer cuddle which includes doggy massages. All of this takes place in our bedroom when it’s cold or on the deck.

Breakfast time is preceded by training. These are one on one sessions where we run through some games, tricks and obedience. It’s usually a very quick line up of show-me-what-you-know and maybe time to start a new trick. The dogs are very eager and have great attention for what might come next because it may be time to eat.

After breakfast, everyone (just referred to the dogs as people) gets to go out for our long off-leash walk. During the walk we are always working on something; recalls, hide n’ seek, redirect from distraction, collar grab, bring me and heal – just to name a few possibilities.

Grooming usually happens after the walk as they can be messy!

Later in the afternoon there could be a group play session in the back yard or another walk. Wow, the day flew by, the pack is game-on for tricks for supper.  Now we all head downstairs for movie/TV time. There is jostling for positions and comfy spots so they all get cuddles and ear scratches. One more potty break and to bed with a treat. Encase you couldn’t tell, the dogs are well loved!

We know you are here to learn about our puppies and we will get on with it, but we thought it prudent that you understand just how valued and important our parent dogs are.

The care for our puppies begins long before a planned breeding with; healthy dogs, OFA x-rays and DNA testing. During a female’s heat cycle, we sometimes do progesterone testing to figure out the ovulation day. This testing helps with the breeding process and also gives a very arcuate due date for the puppies.

Shortly before the puppies arrive Sheila sets up a mattress by the whelping box. The moms-to-be are very affectionate and don’t want to be without Sheila.

As each puppy is born they are; wiped clean with moms help, ensure breathing, cord care, weighed, ensure puppy is nursing, record of markings and birth order. The puppies are weighed daily so we know if any of them needs special assistance.

The new mom doesn’t leave her puppies so we cater to her, bringing in food and water. A special homemade pudding mixed with dog food keeps the calcium, fat and protein content high to aid in milk production.

At 3 days old we start diving into the “Puppy Culture” protocols. This is a program for breeders to further their education and give the very best start for the puppies. Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is done from days 3-16. It consists of five simple tactile or positions to stimulate the neurological system – usually done when we weigh the puppies. After the puppies’ eyes open the days just get busier. Every puppy gets individual cuddle time.

We work on conditioned emotional responses, startle and recovery, expand the nest area and introduce pee pads, ensuring that the puppies are introduced to one new thing or experience each day.

Now we are starting week 4! Oh my, there is still so much to do…

·        Lapping liquids
·        Take a treat
·        Habitual noises
·        Classical background music
·        Litter box
·        Toys and obstacles
·        Meaty bones
·        Car rides
·        Desensitize to seasonal ATV’s
·        Weaning pen
·        Recall to food
·        Farm animals
·        Cats and dogs
·        In home visits
·        Low climbing obstacles
·        Barrier challenge
·        Manding (sitting for attention)
·        Scent circle
·        Puppy party
·        Resource guarding
·        Grooming
·        Introduce the Clicker
·        Begin Crate training
·        Attention exercises

All this and more in 8 short weeks! You get an amazing healthy puppy.

Reach out to us when you are interested in any of our Labradoodle puppies.

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Pros and cons of Labradoodles

· Food motivated
· Easy to train
· Little to no visible shed
· Eager to please
· Hybrid vigor
· Love to Play
· Curl up and Cuddle with you

· Grooming
· No Registry or governing body
· Watch for base narrow canines (poodle jaw)
· Puppy mills – because of breed popularity.

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