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About Labradoodles

Labradoodle Breed Info: The Labradoodle Personality

About Labradoodles

Labradoodles are jolly and very expressive. They are attention seekers and are very creative when trying to get your attention. The Standard Labradoodle is very intelligent and makes a great service dog. Whether it is a Mini Labradoodle, Australian Labradoodle, or Standard Labradoodle you will be charmed by their friendly demeanor.

Labradoodle Breed

Labradoodle Attraction

The jolly Standard Labradoodle is a joy to have as a pet. Their expressive face, prancing gait & tail carriage will have you laughing every day. When you are out for walks with your Labradoodle, people will stop and talk to you about your beautiful dog. The Labradoodle coat is so luxurious that fellow walkers will definitely ask to pet your dog. Because of all this societal attention it is imperative that you socialize your Labradoodle to all different ages & sizes of people, as well as the many different mobility needs of the general public. If you do this you will have a well behaved companion Labradoodle that everybody wants to be around.

Labradoodle Behavior

The Labradoodle is a “people-dog” that loves to be where ever their family or owners are. They will even follow you into the bathroom just to check out what is going on! The Labradoodle seeks out attention and will use its cuteness to get you to pay attention to them. Labradoodles are incredible family dogs and relish the time spent with their humans. You will often find yourself giving your Labradoodle a belly rub. The Standard Labradoodle is a very loyal extrovert.

Labradoodle Intelligence

The Standard Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. The Labradoodle has an excellent temperament stemming from both of these amazing breeds. The Standard Labradoodle is easy to train and has a desire to please their owner. The excellent temperament and sturdiness of the Standard Labradoodle make it an excellent choice as a service dog. The Hypoallergenic coat of the Labradoodle gives it an advantage as a service dog to be able to be around people with dog hair sensitivities.

Labradoodle Training

Training your Standard Labradoodle is a breeze. They are both food and toy motivated. By always using positive training methods your Labradoodle will trust your methods and learn faster than with punishment methods. The Standard Labradoodle easily fits into any lifestyle. They are content to cuddle on the couch or go for a vigorous hike. It is important to offer daily exercise to your Labradoodle but it can take many forms. They love to play games and enjoy and excel at many dog sports; walking, running, hiking, Frisbee, swimming, dock diving, hunting, dog parks, tug-of-war, chase, hide-and-seek, agility or anything else you can think of. Your Labradoodle will happily go along.

Labradoodle Playfulness

The playful Standard Labradoodle does need daily exercise and can handle a very active lifestyle. They will be super excited to go on their daily adventure outing but afterwards be content to relax in the house until the next adventure. Most labradoodles are good with children or other animals and will play with whoever is game. It is very important to positively socialize your Labradoodle puppy to children and any other animal that might be a playmate for them in the future. This will ensure the proper behaviors are established during the formative puppy weeks and will carry through to adulthood. The formative puppy socialization period is from 3-16 weeks. Please take care and make the most out of this very important and short amount of time. You need to raise your Labradoodle puppy to be the kind of dog that you want.