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Ethical Labradoodle Breeding: More Than Just Producing Puppies

The adorable Labradoodle has become one of the most sought-after designer dog breeds in recent years. With their intelligence, generally mild temperaments, and cute curly coats, it’s easy to understand why Labradoodle puppies are in such high demand.
But with this popularity comes the risk of unethical breeding practices in order to churn out puppies as quickly as possible. So what sets an ethical Labradoodle breeding program apart? Here’s an inside look at what responsible breeding entails.

Comprehensive Health Testing
Any quality breeding program begins with extensive health testing of the sire and dam. Ethical Labradoodle breeder in British Columbia, like It’s A Doodle K9 Service, will obtain the following clearances before considering a dog for breeding:

  • Hips and elbows certified free of dysplasia by OFA or PennHIP. This helps reduce the chances of joint issues.
  • An eye exam was performed within the last year by a veterinary ophthalmologist. This checks for inherited eye diseases like progressive retinal atrophy.
  • Testing for von Willebrand’s disease, a blood clotting disorder common in the breed. Dogs found to be carriers should only be bred to dogs tested clear.
  • A current heart clearance from a canine cardiologist listening for congenital defects like mitral valve disease.

Responsible breeders also avoid repeatedly breeding the same sires and dams, instead tapping into a diverse gene pool. This maintains genetic health over generations and prevents magnifying flaws.

Proper Puppy Raising and Care
An ethical labradoodle breeder in Saskatchewan also prides itself on early puppy care. The whelping area should provide a warm, safe, enriching environment for nursing moms and pups. Puppies benefit immensely from early socialization with a supervised introduction to new sights, sounds, smells, people, and handling.
Before sending a Labradoodle puppy home, an ethical breeder will ensure they are temperament tested, dewormed, microchipped, and examined by a veterinarian. The breeder strives to match each puppy’s personality with the new owner’s lifestyle. They provide support and resources for the puppy’s transition to their new home.

Commitment Beyond the Sale
Truly responsible breeders go above and beyond simply producing puppies. They screen potential owners to reduce risks of abandonment or neglect. An ethical breeder will gladly take back any of their puppies at any point in the dog’s lifetime if needed. They remain available as a lifelong resource to guide and support the puppies they’ve brought into the world.

Labor of Love, Not Profit
What ultimately sets ethical Labradoodle operations apart is the sheer dedication and passion behind their breeding. An ethical breeder:

  • Focuses on improving the breed, not churning out puppies. They take time planning each litter and research pedigrees.
  • Limits the number of litters to maintain quality. Their dogs are pampered pets first, not breeding machines.
  • They pour their heart and souls into every puppy. Profit or popularity are never the driving factors.
  • Ensures they have the time, energy, network, and resources to conduct ethical breeding before producing a litter.

Final Words:
When searching for a Labradoodle puppy, be sure to ask breeders detailed questions to evaluate if their practices align with these hallmarks of ethical breeding. Responsible breeding produces the healthiest, happiest puppies and better secures the future of this outstanding designer dog. Reach out to It’s A Doodle K9 Service any time to learn more about our ethical Labradoodle breeding!

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