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Labradoodle Colors

Black Labradoodle

Black labradoodle, Chocolate Labradoodle and all Labradoodle Colors

Labradoodles come in a wide variety of colors, thanks to their Poodle and Labrador Retriever ancestry. This diversity in coat colors makes Labradoodles even more appealing to prospective pet owners. Here are some of the most common Labradoodle colors:

Labradoodle Solid Colors

1. Black:

  • Description: Black is a dominate color. A deep, rich black that is uniform throughout the coat.
  • Characteristics: Black Labradoodles often have a shiny, sleek appearance.

2. Chocolate:

  • Description: Ranges from a light milk chocolate to a dark, almost black chocolate.
  • Characteristics: Chocolate Labradoodles can have color variations as they age, sometimes lightening slightly if they have the fading or roan genes.

3. Silver Beige**:

  • Description: A silver tipped brown color, often appearing as a light brown.
  • Characteristics: This color starts solid brown then can changes as the dog matures.

4. Café au Lait*:

  • Description: A creamy coffee color, often appearing as a light tan.
  • Characteristics: This color can sometimes change as the dog matures.

5. Caramel*:

  • Description: A rich, warm, golden color.
  • Characteristics: Often compared to the color of caramel candy, this coat color can vary in intensity.

6. Red*:

  • Description: A striking, deep red, similar to an Irish Setter.
  • Characteristics: Red Labradoodles are quite eye-catching and can range from a rusty hue to a vibrant red.

7. Apricot*:

  • Description: A soft, warm, peachy color.
  • Characteristics: Apricot Labradoodles can have slight variations in tone, from pale to richer apricot shades.

8. Cream*:

  • Description: A light, pale color that ranges from off-white to light beige.
  • Characteristics: Cream Labradoodles often have a softer, more subtle appearance.

9. Gold*:

  • Description: A warm, sunny golden color, reminiscent of a Golden Retriever.
  • Characteristics: Gold Labradoodles can range from light gold to a deeper, more intense gold.

10. White:

  • Description: Pure white, with no other color variations.
  • Characteristics: White Labradoodles can sometimes have cream or light beige tinges.
*All the colors numbered 4-9 are genetically Red with different intensity levels.
**Silver Beige number 3 is genetically a brown Labradoodle

Labradoodle Parti and Phantom Colors

1. Parti:

  • Description: A coat that is at least 50% white with patches of another color (e.g., black, chocolate, and apricot).
  • Characteristics: The patches can be in any pattern or size, creating a unique appearance for each dog.

2. Phantom:

  • Description: Similar to the markings of a Doberman or Rottweiler, typically with a primary color and secondary color markings on the eyebrows, muzzle, chest, legs, and under the tail.
  • Common Combinations: Black and tan, chocolate and tan, and silver and cream.

Labradoodle Color Markings

1. Sable:

  • Description: A coat where individual hairs are tipped with black, giving a shaded appearance.
  • Characteristics: Sable Labradoodles often have a dynamic coat that can change slightly over time.

2. Merle:

  • Description: A mottled pattern with patches of color and diluted sections, often seen in shades of blue, red, or chocolate.
  • Characteristics: Merle Labradoodles can have striking blue or multicolored eyes.

3. Brindle:

  • Description: A tiger-striped pattern, usually with black or dark stripes over a lighter base color.
  • Characteristics: Brindle Labradoodles have a unique, striped appearance that is quite rare.

Changing Labradoodle Colors

  • Puppy Coat to Adult Coat: Labradoodles often undergo color changes as they transition from their puppy coat to their adult coat. This change can involve lightening or darkening and sometimes shifts in the shade.
  • Fading or Clearing: Some Labradoodle colors, particularly darker shades like black or chocolate, can fade or clear as the dog matures. This process can result in a lighter, softer color.


Labradoodles offer a rich tapestry of colors and patterns, making each dog unique. Whether you prefer a solid, striking color or a more complex, patterned coat, there’s a Labradoodle to match every preference. When choosing a Labradoodle, consider not only the aesthetic appeal but also the potential for coat changes as your puppy grows into adulthood. This beautiful variety is just one of the many reasons Labradoodles are such a beloved breed. Our current Labradoodle coat colors at “It’s a Doodle K9 Service” are; Red, Apricot, Yellow, Black and Tan Tri, Black and White Parti, and a fabulous Silver Beige. Several of our Labradoodles carry for the Parti, Phantom, brown and Red genes.