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  • We are a corporate registered Labradoodle Breeding Business.
  • We raise standard size Labradoodles from healthy DNA tested parent dogs.
  • Puppies are raised in our home following the Puppy Culture protocols.
  • We love our dogs, they are valued members of our family. Check out our cute pictures!
  • Thank you for your interest in our Labradoodles
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Why Us!

Why People are Choosing Us!

Pets are family. And we wouldn’t want it any other way. We are honored to be entrusted with

  • the care of your new fur baby for their crucial first few months. While the puppies are with us, our days are filled by following the Puppy Culture protocols. Our adult dogs live fulfilling lives traveling around with us or cuddling up for movie time. They are very active nosing around our acreage and practicing agility or learning tricks
  • Each puppy is precious to us and receives all the benefits of being a home raised puppy. They will be chosen by a family, so we believe it is best to start them out that way.
  • Our parent dogs have many awards and accolades. One of their favorites is agility trials and fun meets. We do have a passion for agility but have also achieved CKC Obedience Canine Good Neighbor Certificates.
  • I am committed to continuing my canine education whether it is for breeding, puppy care, dog health or training. I am blessed to be retired and able to focus all my energies on my love of dogs. I attend breeders’ summits and belong to dog clubs. You can always find me with a dog, taking class or two per week.
  • Check out the testimonials for our happy clients. It fills me with joy every time I get updates from a puppy family. I want everyone to have the opportunity to love a dog and be loved in return.




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It’s a Doodle K9 Service

Puppy Adoption

Our Labradoodle puppies are awesome! They are born & raised in our home as part of our family.

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Stud Services

Meet Rip, the latest addition to our furry family and a valuable member of our breeding program.

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We have partnered with NuVet Supplements and Baxter & Bella for yourconvenience.

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What Our Client's Say

Gwen Utitz
Gwen Utitz
Goofy is just the most wonderful puppy we could have hoped for. Sheila, you do an amazing job. For anyone who is looking for a labradoodle, you can't go wrong with Sheila. A more careful, caring and trustworthy breeder, not to mention great puppy Mom, would be hard to find. Sheila, if anyone would like a personal reference, you are welcome to give them our phone number.
Tatyana Boguslavskaya
Tatyana Boguslavskaya
Courtney Florchinger
Courtney Florchinger
Jas M
Jas M

It’s A Doodle K9 Service

“Just wanted to take the time to let you know about all the amazing feedback I received about our puppies. Thank you for joining our It’s a Doodle family”

– Sheila

Goofy is just the most wonderful puppy we could have hoped for. Sheila, you do an amazing job. For anyone who is looking for a labradoodle, you can't go wrong with Sheila. A more careful, caring and trustworthy breeder, not to mention great puppy Mom, would be hard to find. Sheila, if anyone would like a personal reference, you are welcome to give them our phone number.

- Gwen Utitz

Beyond impressed with the breeder. Right from the beginning I could tell she had such a passion for the puppies! I appreciated the updates and video calls as the puppies grew, as it allowed me to feel like I was experiencing it all along side her. They were extremely well taken care of and very well adjusted. This was even more evident when my new puppy was amazing right from the beginning of getting her. Definitely could tell she was greatly loved and cared for in the first 8 weeks with the breeder. The breeder went above and beyond. Even after I took puppy home, she was more than willing to answer any questions, give advice and be supportive as we transitioned. Words can't describe how amazing the breeder is!

- Amber Landels

We were so impressed with all aspects of our experience with It’s A Doodle K9 Service. From the moment we decided to add a furry friend to our home we were kept well informed with weekly photos and a few visits. We were also provided with great information about how to care and train the new puppy and what you can expect. When our sweet pup came home you could immediately tell that she was well loved and well trained. Highly recommend this Breeder if you’re looking to add a furry friend to your home!

- B.D Hadley

We live in Newfoundland and during the process of researching for a new family puppy my husband kept returning to Sheila Reiber’s website for Labradoodle puppies. We were both impressed with the information provided on her website as well as the information regarding Sheila’s approach to breeding/raising/training her puppies in a “Puppy Culture” environment. We read that the puppies were born and raised with love, nurturing, fun and care in Sheila’s home with her and her family and were socialized on a daily/weekly basis. This approach was new to us, and we became really interested in finding out more information.
In consideration of the distance, we knew we would have to make our decision while still in Newfoundland. We asked a lot of questions and Sheila responded to every inquiry. What impressed us was her sincere approach and her ability to be candid, honest, and direct in her responses and provide education and valuable information and alleviate any concerns we might have. We have five young grandchildren so we wanted to ensure that her puppies would be a good fit. Sheila made herself available for video chats and/or to send photos. As well, there was four puppies available when we first connected with Sheila, and she patiently assisted us as we selected one of the four puppies (Marcie) as a good fit for our family and lifestyle.
We choose not to fly Marcie in the cargo of the plane, so we decided to travel and with the help of Sheila’s husband we were able to meet and work out a plan to bring Marcie home with us. Marcie is a smart, beautiful, loving, sensitive and fun-loving puppy who adapts well to all situations. She is 6 months old and is just wonderful with all our family especially our grandchildren and with everyone she meets. Marcie does well when she goes to the vet and the groomers and plays well with other dogs. We have found that she is energetic, so we try to get her for a walk every day. She likes going in the car, loves outdoors and likes to sit on our deck and especially in the grass and observe nature. It’s easy to see Marcie is used to doing that from her time with Sheila and her family in BC. Sheila had her crate trained as well as being trained for outdoors when she came home with us. It’s lovely to watch how much fun Marcie has with toys and the games she comes up with to amuse herself and no doubt was well used to playing at an early age with her siblings. She has a beautiful coat which seems to dry quickly if she has been playing outside.
We can’t express enough what a wonderful and positive experience it has been to welcome a puppy from It’s a Doodle K9 Service in East Sooke, BC all the way to Paradise, NL. We know this comes back to the love and attention given by Sheila and her family. Sheila, thank you so much for how helpful you have been to us in helping us select Marcie and how much love and care you give to your puppies so that families can go on to experience these beautiful memories.

- Agatha & Walter Corcoran

We had a wonderful experience with It’s a Doodle K9 Service! Even with us living two provinces away, we still felt very comfortable and confident during the entire process. Would definitely recommend!

- Hayley McClary

We got our doodle (Ella) in January 2021. This was our first ever puppy and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect puppy!!!! Sheila did such an amazing job exposing her to all kinds of things. Ella is so gentle and loving. Never have to worry around young kids. She’s also super smart. Very easy to train. Would definitely go through Sheila again for another Labradoodle ❤️❤️

- Lorissa Budz

In the Summer of 2022, we decided to purchase a labradoodle from “It's a Doodle K9 Service “. This was the best decision we ever made! The amount of training and love that Sheila puts into her puppies is absolutely amazing. We never even had to kennel train or potty train him and he even sat on command. He is also not scared in any way of loud sounds. We have never had a dog that is not scared of fireworks, shot guns or air compressors.​Odin has been such an amazing doodle we decided to get another one aka Schroeder in the Spring of 2023. With such fun-loving behavior both Odin and Schroeder love everything and everyone they encounter, especially kids... This breed is such an amazing family dog and will do anything to please you.​So, if you have a chance to get one of these amazing dogs from Sheila at It’s a Doodle K9 Service you will never look back but will probably get another dog from her.. lol -----

-Tracy Kaytor

Amazing service! We got Akua in January 2021 and we love her so much! It’s a Doodle service is excellent, very responsible, we got a lot of communication before getting Akua, and everything has been great! ❤️ 200% recommended! Akua is 3 and she’s a great dog! -------

- Yari Estremera

Hi Sheila, I am sorry that it has taken me so long to let you know how we’re doing! I am very happy to say that we are doing GREAT! Wow, I’ve had a lot of puppies in my life but never one quite like DOG. It’s like I have won the lottery!!! Geez, where shall I start? Beginning on the day that you dropped him off, I began training him. One thing that I did immediately on our outings was five minutes on leash and 5 minutes off leash……doing this for an hour or so. He is just brilliant at ‘loose lead’ walking now, and has no desire to pull. He has become extremely efficient at stay, sit, down, come, and, believe it or not, healing!!! LOL. I cannot believe what is happening! He is the most chilled out puppy that I have ever met. I’m an avid tennis player, so I took him to a nearby single tennis court that was fenced in and dropped about 100 tennis balls onto the court. I started practicing my serve and hitting the balls around and he was very relaxed and had a ton of fun. I’m happy to say that now I take him to the tennis club several times a week and put his lead around a stake on the grass, directly beside the court and club house on the lawn. There hasn’t been a peep out of him from day one. Of course I figured that it was because he could see and hear me on the court. Then I proceeded to the next court over and when I looked over, he was sprawled out on his back having a nap! Tons of club members come and go, greeting and playing with him…….and definitely admiring him!!! He seems to pick up every new command quickly and with ease. It is utterly amazing…..and I’m not just saying that because he’s my puppy! hahahaha. He was fully house trained in 9 days and he sleeps in a nice sized crate in the TV room from 10:00pm until 6:00am. That is straight through! I have this really nice sounding bluetooth speaker that I have been playing calming classical music (the genre is called Classical Crossover…..a modern day classical). So I was really surprised and happy to read a couple of weeks later on your website, that you had been playing that music for the pups. I play the music whenever we’re just relaxing and playing, but also have it play softly all through the night by his crate. I’m fortunate enough to be able to spend all day with him, so he is getting at least ten 3 to 5 minute training sessions every day. Just the right amount of time to keep him engaged and not get bored. I make an effort to get him out somewhere different every day and to experience all kinds of different environments and surfaces to walk on (Home Depot, construction sites, beaches, forests, docks etc etc. We do, after all, live in a beautiful part of the world! :) There are so many wonderful things I could tell you about our first month together, but more importantly than that, I wanted to thank you so very much for being such an amazing breeder!!! You have done a fantastic job!!! Your hard work has given me the most wonderful gift! THANK YOU SHEILA!;


- Russ

It's a Doodle K9 Service Labradoodles BC. Thank you Sheila, for all your effort you put into your training program for the puppies. It is amazing how much our puppy knew when we got him into our home. The basic building blocks for training, you established with him, made it so easy for us to carry on with his learning curve in our home. Our puppy was very easy to train, as he was already trained with a food incentive (we just use a little kibble from his food) Because he is so food motivated, in the two weeks we have had him, he comes to his name, sits, lays down, shakes a paw, plays tug and release on command (of course all rewarded with kibbles). We were able to train him, within a week, to ring a bell on the door knob, to tell us he needs to go outside. Food incentives sure work!!!

He was crate trained (wow, saved us all that work). He was so chill with getting along with everybody, young and old, which is a testament to all the effort you put into socializing the puppies throughout their 8 weeks. We have first hand knowledge of how you socialize your puppies, as we have taken our grandchildren, and other family to visit and play with the puppies from 3 weeks old, until they go to their forever homes. But even before that, we know you spend many hours, with all your stimulation techniques.

Your setup in your home is very conducive to training the puppies from birth and how you adapt and change it, as the puppies progress through their learning stages. Once they are able to play outside, the training stations (play areas) you set up are very creative and help the puppies problem solve. Your puppy parties are so much fun, as the future puppy owners/ neighbours/friends take a puppy through 9 interactive play stations.

We couldn't be happier with our puppy, from It's a Doodle K9 Service Labradoodles B.C. The many hours you (and your family) put into your program of raising your Labradoodles definitely shows and your customers are rewarded with exceptional puppies of their own. Wade and Kim King

- Kim King

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